Change Log

Latest updates to the API


  • We've launched Customer Ranking to better target your highest value customers.


  • You can now opt out of NCOA when you have limited delivery areas to avoid having mailings redirected.


  • We launched geofencing, for improved ability to manage delivery areas based on a map vs distance from a physical address.

  • We also launched our SFMC Integration



  • Added the ability to use Templating Language for more advanced merge tag logic in your HTML based creative.


  • We've added the ability to report transactional data via the Poplar Shopify App.

  • The Orders API will now automatically create a new audience called Customers (Orders API) that you can use to suppress mailings to existing customers from prospecting campaigns.


  • Updated the default merge tags to include full state name instead of just the abbreviation. i.e. recipient.state_name and location.state_name.


  • We're launching two beta releases available to all clients today. The Orders API endpoint, to share transactional info for attribution alongside the Native Shopify App integration.



  • We've launched the Share Local web platform & API under it's own brand Poplar. We've updated all of our API endpoints to use All previous endpoints at are still active and being redirected appropriately.


  • We've removed the option to use a return address in all postcard formats due to some inconsistencies with how USPS handles return mail. Return addresses are still required on our letter formats.

  • We also added a 30 minute delay to all one time sends that allows you to cancel it before it is moved to production.


  • The naming of our default merge tags have changed. Now we are namespacing all tag names, so {{first_name}} becomes {{recipient.first_name}}. We are using a similar convention for our new location merge tags, so to reference the name of a location you would use {{}} and so forth. The formatting of your own custom merge tags remains unchanged.

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