Account Settings

From the Account Settings page, you can set account-wide campaign suppressions and preferences, add team members to your organization, and set or adjust your organization's return address information.

Account Suppressions

The first page under Account Settings is the Suppressions tab. Unlike the campaign suppressions tab, the settings apply across your entire account.

Minimum Days Between Mailings

The delay acts as a frequency cap with which you can suppress multiple mailings to the same address within a given timeframe.

When mailing multiple samples to the same address, we recommend setting Minimum Days Between Mailings to 0 to avoid unwanted suppressions. Once you've received your samples, approved the mailings, and are ready to go live, we recommend changing this setting to any number of your preference that's larger than 0.

SLM Global Opt-out List

This list includes households who are not interested in receiving promotional mailings. Only adjust this setting to off if using the platform in a non-promotional nature.

Suppression Email Domain

You can suppress mailings to individuals within your own organization by specifying an email domain. Please note that this will only apply if you use the address enrichment feature or supply a customer's email address when triggering your mailings.

Address Strictness

These settings control the address validation rules when Organization Default selects strictness on a campaign level. Varying rules are applied when uploading address data and when sending mailings to gauge the highest possible deliverability.




Only allows addresses deemed "in-service" by the USPS.


Checks the existence of an address and verifies that the street and unit information is correct.


Will mail regardless of address validity. This setting is only recommended when mailing to commercial addresses.


You can view and adjust your personal information and email notification settings from the profile tab. Your User Profile stores the full name and email address attached to your account. It can be updated as needed.

For your Security, Poplar uses two-factor authentication. We highly recommend enabling this feature as an additional layer of protection for your account.

The Communication Settings control email notification preferences for product updates, reports & data exports, etc., and product analysis.


View or edit your organization's name, phone number, billing email, return address, or category.


In Account Settings, open the tab Team. Here you can view and manage your team members for your organization.

To add a new user, click Add Team Member and enter their email. When a new team member is added, they'll receive an email invitation to log into the platform.

Note: Invite emails expire in 2 weeks. If a user has not accepted their invite, you can retrigger the invite by clicking on the resend icon. 🔁

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