Poplar by Share Local Media is an on-demand, all in one direct mail platform, enabling triggered and one-off mailings that can reach home in as little as one week. With easy marketing platform and API integrations, you can set up custom CRM/Lifecycle or Retargeting campaigns in minutes. Personalize your postcards and letters with dynamic creative templates and reach customers on a 1:1 basis. Poplar offers best-in-class pricing with no minimums or SAAS fees.

Use Cases

Poplar's extensive feature set and flexible mailing options give you the tools to support a range of marketing use cases:


Trigger mailings using customer emails through the solutions advanced email to physical address matching software known as Address Enrichment.

Email Retargeting

Poplar is able to take in a file or API feed of customer email segments and run them against our database to append physical addresses to these records for targeting via email.

For customer segments containing full mailing addresses, the Address Enrichment process is not necessary.

Abandon Cart

Trigger abandon cart mailers using our direct partner integrations, including Shopify. Achieve a 4x - 6x ROI on Abandoned Cart campaigns.

CRM & Lifecycle Workflows


Programmatically target mail to arrive when a customer has not purchased within a period of time.

Cross-sell & Up-sell

Target high potential customers with cross-category offers to get them purchasing across your product catalog.

Anniversary & Birthdays

Send customers celebratory offers on special occasions to build brand affinity and drive repurchase.

One-time Batch Mailings

Location Targeting

Promote store launches or other events with batched, personalized mailers targeted to your customers within a certain radius of your target location.

Short Lead Time Campaigns

Support your last-minute marketing initiatives with one-time mailings that can reach home as early as the following week!

Key Features

With easy to use personalization and testing options, you can customize your campaign the way you want with no incremental costs

HTML Based Variable Printing

Use merge tags just like you would in email. We convert HTML to PDF to print unique pieces per recipient.

Unlimited Testing

Run multivariate tests on your format, postage, and creative content.

Matchback & Lift Reporting

Create automated holdout groups and get access to your mail file for incremental lift analysis. Poplar's in-platform reporting features a campaign-level overview of spend, revenue, CPO and ROAS.

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