Whether you're integrating programmatic triggered mailings into your workflow, setting up webhook notifications, or uploading transactional data for in-platform reporting, all the tools you need can be found from the API page.

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Credentials & Access Tokens

From the Credentials tab, you can generate and name both Production and Test API keys. These keys are used to authenticate each request sent to Poplar.

Test API Key

We highly recommend setting up triggers using a Test API Key first. This will allow you to create digital proofs and check the data being sent to Poplar without being charged or sending a mailer into the mail stream.

Production API Key

Use the Production API key to set your trigger live and start mailing!


From the Webhooks tab, you can set up notifications indicating that a specific mail event has occurred (suppressed, processing, delivered, etc.). The notification is sent via HTTP POST to a destination URL of your choice.

Transactional Data

If you are sending transactional data through Poplar's Shopify App or the Orders API, statistics will appear in this tab. The option to manually upload a CSV containing order data can be found on this page as well.

Upload Order Data

Poplar uses transactional data to suppress mailings from existing customers and to provide attribution reporting. From this tab, you have the ability to download raw matches across all campaigns or clear data that was previously uploaded.


Download Raw Matches

A full CSV record of raw matches across all campaigns can be downloaded using the Download Raw Matches option on the right under Attribution Analysis. Shortly after clicking the link, you'll receive an email containing the download link.

For a record of raw matches specific to a single campaign, navigate to the campaign's Overview and click the Download Raw Matches option on the right under Attribution Analysis.

Understanding Matches & Attributions

Raw Match records will contain all matches and attributions. If you only need attributions, please ensure you filter out matches. Under the column match_type column:

  • "A" means that the order was attributed to that particular mailing.

  • "M" means that the order simply matched to that particular mailing, but was not attributed to that mailing. We follow a last-touch attribution model across campaigns, so it could be that the mail piece was not the last one that the specific customer received.

For mailings where you used the Address Enrichment feature, your CSV record will not include any address data generated through Address Enrichment. We can only provide address data in the downloaded record if the address came from your order data.

Delete Order Data

Under the Data Removal section on the right, you'll see the option to Delete Order Data. This link will remove all transactional data and the customer audience stored within your Poplar account.

It is not possible to undo this action. Once removed, we will be unable to suppress mailings to your existing customers and be unable to display real time attribution reporting.

Updated order data can be uploaded to the platform without deleting. Reach out to support@heypoplar.com for more details.


Poplar’s SFMC Journey Builder Custom Activity lets you pass a contact from Salesforce Journey Builder to Poplar as part of your Salesforce Journey, and send that customer a postcard or letter.Requirements

  • You must have organization access to Salesforce Journey Builder.

  • You must be a Salesforce administrator to be able to install a Custom Activity for your organization.

  • You will need a Custom Activity URL to perform the installation in Salesforce.


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