Connecting to Poplar can be used as a connector between a platform or marketing software and Poplar. To setup an integration, begin by clicking Create a Bot.
A Premium account is required to use the Webhooks App.

Step 1: Trigger & Action

Select and connect your platform, choose a trigger event, and make sure all the required data for mailing is listed under Output Fields and available to pass to Poplar. Select Webhooks as your Action app and POST data for the Action to be done.

Step 2: Input Fields

Content Type
A sample data guide specific to your campaign and creative can can be found by clicking into your creative, and selecting the API Request tab under the Data Guides section.

Address Data

Emails for Address Enrichment

If Address Enrichment is enabled for your campaign, only email is required for the webhook - full name or first/last name are optional.

Custom Merge Tags

If your creative contains custom merge tags, be sure to include the merge_tags object in your webhook. The value on the left should match the merge tag name in your creative, this example will map to a {{custom.item-img}} merge tag.

Step 3: Auth Headers

You'll want to first test your trigger using your Test Access Token. Once it's confirmed the connection is successful, this token can be swapped out for your Production one to set the trigger live.
Leave the Basic Auth field blank

Output Fields

The output fields indicate what will be returned when you send the trigger and test the connection. The Body will show a preview of the webhook with your data populating the output fields, and the Status Code will indicate whether or not the request sent successfully (see our HTTP Status Code guide for reference).

Step 4: Turn on Your Bot!

Save your bot and turn it on to see if the connection is successful. Successful requests can be seen under your campaign's History tab with a red Test tag. Click into one of the test mailers and scroll down to the Request Details to make sure the necessary data is coming through properly.
Once you're confident in the integration connection, edit your bot and swap your Production Access Token in where your Test token was. Hit save again and turn it on to go live.

For more details see: